Resin Domed Labels & Badges

A permanent, UV-resistant labelling solution that’s fully customisable, our resin domed labels raise the profile of your brand and product, so you stand out from the crowd.

An eye catching and relatively inexpensive way to make your logo or product pop, our resin or gel domed labels maximise the interaction between brand and customer.

Starting out by printing your design onto a preferred surface, we then apply a transparent polyurethane resin layer over the top to raise the profile of the label. Because the resin is clear and sets in a domed shape, it gives the label a 3D effect, which enhances your design and makes it more memorable.

A fully weatherproof and UV-resistant solution that can be used indoors and out, our resin domed labels won’t crack or fade in colour, so you can feel confident that your design will stay as vibrant as it looked on the day you had it printed.

All our resin domed labels are customisable, available in a full colour palette and self-adhesive for convenience.

Name badges

A great way to give your company and staff that extra-professional look, we offer a wide variety of custom-made badges.

Available in many shapes and styles, and printed using high-quality materials, we supply everything from corporate lapels and club name badges, to personal ID buttons and promotional badges.

All our badges come complete with a magnetic fastener or pin clip to secure it in place.


Ideal for:

beer pump labels,

automotive decals,

furniture labels,

premium product branding,

name badges,

small promotional items such as key rings.

Resin Domed Label Example