Laser Cutting & Etching

Available across a wide range of materials, laser cutting and etching is the perfect permanent solution for when precision is everything.

Using the latest CO2 laser technology, we can cut or etch a wide variety of materials including anodised aluminium, acrylic or plastics, wood, glass, and paper and card.

For laser cutting jobs, we can cut bold or intricate designs with the upmost precision, making this a great option for things like signage, industrial control panels, presentation folder covers, business cards and wedding invitations.

While our laser etching capabilities allow us to etch directly onto products, making it the perfect option for product branding, serial numbering, promotional giveaways (like USB keys and torches), and personalised finishes on things like iPods, trophies, wine boxes and menu covers.

Laser engraved plastics

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use and available in a range of colours and finishes, laser engraved plastic is a popular option for standard signs, nameplates and manufacturer tags.

Historically, engraved tags were always manufactured using phenolic plastic sheeting, such as Traffolyte or Formica®. Traffolyte was so successful that the brand name became synonymous with engraved plastic tags even though it ceased to exist years ago.

Today, Traffolyte has been displaced by polymers, such as ABS and acrylic, which have exceptional optical properties and provide good resistance to water. Acrylic also has very good insulation properties, making acrylic engraved tags an ideal choice for labelling in the electrical industry.

Made up of a two or three-layer sandwich, either 1.6mm or 3.2mm thick, the top layer of polymer materials can be etched through to reveal a contrasting lower layer colour. We can also attach a high-strength, water-resistant adhesive onto the back of our engraved tags for easy application.

Etched aluminium nameplates

Durable and resistant to the harshest of environments, laser etched aluminium nameplates are a great way to add unique information onto a generic anodised nameplate, such as serial numbers, barcodes, model numbers and manufacturing dates. And if you only need low quantities or a one-off plate, we can etch an entire nameplate from a black anodised aluminium plate for a more cost-effective solution.

With a variety of gauges available, we also produce round cornering, holes for riveting and adhesive backed options.

Available guages:

common gauges are 0.45mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. But other, thicker gauges are available upon request.

Round cornering:

3mm (R3), 6mm (R6) or 10mm radius (R10).

Ideal for:

acrylic nameplates,

serial number plates,

asset ID tags,

manufacturer plates,

rating plates,

product identification/branding,

QR tags,

etched acrylic name badges.

Laser Cutting and Engraving ExampleLaser Cutting and Engraving Example