Self-adhesive Labels

Fully customisable and printed using high-quality inks, we offer a range of durable materials for self-adhesive labelling, depending on your application.

From jet boat branding labels to serial number labels for artificial limbs, we’ve produced custom self-adhesive labels for some of the most demanding customers in New Zealand and Australia – all from our state-of-the-art print and cut facility in Christchurch.

With the ability to print on a variety of high-quality materials, all of which come from reputable manufacturers such as Orafol, MacTac and 3M, we can help you choose the material that will present your design in the best possible way.

Polyester labels

Ideal for the most demanding applications, autotype polyester is a thick film PET (0.18mm – 0.2mm) with a textured surface and a hard, protective coating. Resistant to abrasion and resilient to alcohol, dilute acid, dilute alkalis and hydrocarbons, autotype polyester is generally cut with a steel rule die, but can be laser cut if required.

Decorative polyester labels

A great option if your label will be exposed to temperatures as high as 130 degrees Celsius, decorative polyester is a 50-micron self-adhesive film. Commonly available in silver, gold or clear (matte or gloss finish), decorative polyester is not to be confused with autotype polyester.

Polycarbonate labels

A very good choice if you’re looking for a tough, long-lasting solution for labelling, polycarbonate film (0.18mm – 0.25mm) has a very high impact strength. Although it doesn’t offer the same resistance to chemicals that polyester does, polycarbonate is a cost-effective material that will last many years longer than a standard vinyl self-adhesive label.

Vinyl labels

Ideal for numerous applications, we can print on everything from economy grade vinyl, metallic and specialty reflective vinyl, right through to high-tack vinyl for use on low surface energy plastics. However, self-adhesive vinyl is possibly the most ubiquitous product in the labelling market.

Using both screen printing and digital print methods, we use high-quality inks in a range of colours and textures for our self-adhesive vinyl labels, plus a strong pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive for longevity.

Water and scratch resistant as standard, we can also laminate vinyl labels to protect against UV fading and chemicals, such as cleaning fluids. And we can cut vinyl to virtually any shape without producing specific die forms or cutting tools, making it a cost-effective choice for both small and large quantities.

Ideal for:

product labelling,

branding stickers,

rating labels,

safety and warning labels,

compliance labels,

OEM labels,


promotional labels.