Aluminium Foil Labels

Strong, flexible and made with high-strength adhesive for a lasting bond, our aluminium foil labels can be written on with a ballpoint pen and will hold the impression, even if the ink fades.

Manufactured from 25-micron pure aluminium foil for its flexibility and made with high bond strength acrylic adhesive for its long-lasting stickiness, our aluminium foil labels can be attached to a wide range of surfaces, be them curved or flat.

Self-adhesive aluminium foil is ideally suited to calibration and certification type labels because critical information, such as calibration date, remain impressed into the label even if the handwritten ink fades away. Certifying technicians can write on the label when it is applied to the equipment under test, eliminating the need for pre-printed labels.

Commonly used to label a whole variety of appliances, machinery and equipment, our aluminium foil labels are also rated for use in temperatures below freezing and are able to withstand short-term exposure to temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius.

One of the most versatile and unique solutions on the market today, get in contact with us to request your free sample of an aluminium foil label.

Ideal for:

service labels,

calibration labels,

asset ID labelling,

serial number labelling,

electrical equipment labels,

fuel pump certification labels.