Metal Nameplates

Extremely durable and aesthetically versatile, our anodised aluminium metal nameplates are the ideal solution for preserving important information over time.

Typically used for certification plates, machine or vehicle rating plates, product safety information, and permanent labelling, we offer two types of metal nameplates.

Sub-surface printed aluminium nameplates

Our process for producing sub-surface printed aluminium nameplates seals your image into the metal’s surface, making it a great option if you want a print that will last a very long time and be resistant to chipping, scratching or fading.

By anodising the metal, we increase the protective oxide layer on the surface, which results in a very hard-wearing surface that has an increased resistance to rust and corrosion. We then print your design on the oxide layer when it’s porous (immediately after anodising), so the image penetrates the surface and stays locked in when the aluminium is finally sealed.

The final printed plate will withstand exposure to sunlight and wear, which keeps your message legible for many year.

Overprinted aluminium nameplates

Available in a wider range of colours, the process for producing overprinted aluminium nameplates involves printing your design on the surface of the plate, making it the perfect option for more complex designs that are made up of various colours.

For these nameplates, we anodise the plates then overprint using specially formulated two-part inks. The end result is a tough, hard-wearing surface that has your design printed on it, which won’t fade in the sun. This option offers more colour choice, so you can achieve your desired aesthetic.

We create nameplates to suit your design

We can print on one or both sides of your aluminium nameplates, and for more complex designs, we can laser cut the plates to virtually any shape. We also produce a variety of gauges, and can do round cornering, hole punching, adhesive backed options and laser etching (for serial numbers, barcodes, model numbers, ratings, weights, manufacturing dates and other variable data).

Available gauges:

common gauges are 0.45mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm. But other, thicker gauges are available upon request.

Round cornering:

3mm (R3), 6mm (R6) or 10mm radius (R10).

Ideal for:

machine name plates,

vehicle certification plates,

ID badges,

asset tags,

certification plates,

company brand signage, control panels,

barcodes and

permanent labelling.