Membrane Keypads

Tested and proven to show no loss of function and no button cracking after over 1,000,000 activations, our membrane keypads are the robust, customisable solution you can rely on.

From photocopiers, microwaves and EPFTPOS terminals, to complex industrial equipment, a membrane keypad or membrane switch is a flat, flexible pressure pad that acts as the user interface and electrical connectivity for operating equipment.

A sandwich of many layers including the circuit layer and graphic overlay, membrane keypads are one neat, self-contained unit. Designed with integrated tactile domes and switch elements, membrane keypads eliminate the need for surface mounted switches or shims on your PC-board, and instead provide a consistent feel when pushing buttons.

The electronic circuit is normally screen printed on a thin polyester film using a conductive ink, which is cured using very precise environmental settings. The circuits are suitable for low voltage DC applications (up to 24V) and current up to 30mA, though this is application dependent and will depend on the cross-sectional area of the printed trace.

Connection to the keypad is provided via an industry standard 2.54mm pitch pin socket that connects to a corresponding header on your PC board. The keypad socket is located on a flexible tail that can be routed to the header, so no need for flying leads or wires.

We can work with your electronics designer to ensure the correct pin-out of the keypad.

Membrane keypads speed up the manufacturing process; simply remove the adhesive protector on the back, adhere the membrane keypad to your equipment and connect the tail to a header on your PC-board.

Once in place, membrane keypads are easy to wipe clean due to their low-profile flat surface, making them ideal for use across many products (because there are no crevices for dirt to accumulate).

Suitability and quality assurance testing

Suitable for external and internal use, our membrane keypads are made using the highest quality materials from industry leaders (3M and Autotype), so they can withstand harsh outdoor environments and exposure to chemicals or UV rays.

And we have the data to prove it. We tested our keypads in accelerated life tests and recorded literally millions of button activations. And the result? No discernible loss of function and no cracking of the button element.

Ideal for:

appliance keypads,


petrol pump keypads,

machinery interfaces.

Membrane Keypads Example