Aluminium Foil Label

Aluminium Foil Labels

Aluminium foil labels are unique products that offer a solution in demanding applications. Foster Graphics manufacture aluminium foil labels from a 50-micron pure aluminium foil that has a high bond strength acrylic adhesive.

Aluminium foil labels can be written on with a ball point pen. The written impression will remain embossed in the foil label long after the pen's ink has faded from the label, leaving the written information legible.

Aluminium foil labels are commonly used for:

  • Electrical equipment labels
  • Service and calibration labels
  • Fuel pump calibration labels
  • Asset ID and serial number labelling

The high bond strength adhesive used with aluminium foil labels means that once placed, the label cannot easily be removed. Aluminium foil labels are rated for use in temperatures below freezing and can withstand short term exposure to temperatures over 100 degrees Celsius.

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Aluminium Foil Label Emboss